Out top four WordPress plugins

I’m a big advocate of WordPress, the free open source blogging tool used on tens of millions of sites around the world. As a daily user of WordPress I’ve come across the best and worst themes and plugins the content management system (CMS) has to offer and thought it might be useful to give you my top four.


If you’ve ever spent days creating a site only to loose all your work you’ll have the same nerdy disposition to do regular back-ups like me. BackWPup is the perfect solution – easy to configure, quick to work, it stores all the files from your site (including databases) in one compressed file of your naming, at your predetermined time and hosts it either on or off site. My preference is to Dropbox as it ensures you have a back-up off site.

Wordfence Security

This handy plugin also comes from first-hand experience after being hacked. Since then i’ve always installed Wordfence, a neat little plugin that is your first line of defence against all forms of Malware. It’s also very useful when you want to separate the traffic of bots and real people to see how many real customer hits your getting.

Google Analyticator

If like me you share the dashboard CMS with the customer, rather than giving them access to the over whelming content displayed on Google Analytics why not pick Analyticator which is a great tool to display the latest site results straight on the dashboard.

WordPress SEO

If your looking after search engine optimisation (SEO) for your clients then this is the industry standard (well I say standard. There are none – it’s your choice. But bearing in mind the plugin has been developed by an SEO expert and it’s had over 7 million downloads, I’d call that standard)

The configuration is pretty easy but getting your head around SEO is complex and specialised, hence there are lots of third parties offering to do it for you. This plugin does go a long way to help you do it yourself though.