Short domain names

I was asked recently why a shorter domain name is better. It’s simple really – the shorter the domain the easier it is to remember. There are lots of other reasons of course and some tips for picking your address.

For instance a name with less than ten letters is most memorable, whereas anything over 16 gets a bit difficult. If the visitor remembers your name and web address, you’re likely to benefit from more returning visitors. So what are the other reasons?
  • better for branding and adverts
  • loyal customers enjoy a short name since it’s quick to type.
  • easier to attract direct traffic or type-in traffic as it’s sometime called. Less loyal visitors might not be bothered to type a long domain name
  • it allows for longer sub-directories in adverts or directories
  • has more value if you want to sell the domain in the future
  • attention span is often short while browsing the web and so short domains take less time to read
  • generic letters and terms will not offend any other parties or trademark owners
  • if it’s harder to remember; potential customers might land on your competitors website
  • Google Adwords has a maximum character limit.
That said there is a small town in Wales whose name is so long the residents decided to register it. Try remembering this?