St Neots Rowing Club is a British affiliated club for professional and recreational rowers that was founded in 1865. When we started working with the Club in 2011 the website was undeveloped and information-heavy, newsletters and club emails were inconsistent and unconsidered and they had no social media presence.

Our first task was to redraw the Clubs logo which had lost crucial historic details though digitisation. For example the Cornish monk, Saint Neot at the centre of their crest was unrecognisable compared with historical records. With a little look back at the Clubs archives and some research with local museums we were able to restore St Neot, and the rest of the logo to its original form.

From there we were then able to redesign all the Club stationery, promotional material, and regatta signage as well as develop a new website, rewrite and simplify site content and open social media accounts on behalf of the Club. We also migrated Club member communications such as email and newsletters to MailChimp to allow end users much more control.

We continue to work with the Club on all their communications, event material and social media