Priory Park Playgroup is a pre-school based in St Neots that has operating for over 30 years. It offers an excellent introduction before reception by it’s team of experienced and caring staff.

The playgroup website, like many other schools and pre-schools had been using a bought-in system which was costly and poorly designed. We undertook a rebranding exercise to develop a new logo and website for the playgroup that was focused on providing parents with the information they needed quickly.

When we developed a new logo we were careful to retain the existing elements, not only because the brand is well established and recognised but we were aware that previous pupils have an affinity with the brand.

When it came to building the website it was vital to reorder the content and structure the navigation to make it easy for parents to find the information they need. We opted for a site that has a front page blog to enable parents who cannot always collect their children to find out the latest news and events.